Once more eXplore dance festival brings to its audience a program which is questioning movement and body presence, testing the
limits of technology and of conceptual art, and developing contemporary dramaturgies.

The opening event also marks the two year anniversary of WASP – Working Art Space and Production, an independent venue with
an intensive international activity, hosting artistic residencies of creation and production, contemporary dance and theatre performances, new and trans-media installations, film screenings, and special events.

The 9th edition of the festival is a reflection of the international residency and production programs developed in the past year, in Bucharest, by 4Culture Association and WASP, encouraging creative experiments beyond artistic borders, searching for new formats of trans-disciplinary art.

eXplore dance festival #9 performances program consists of a selected number of works, introducing strong voices of nowadays European dance scene to the audience. Using a variety of artistic directions and aesthetic influences, the program aims at building a new
and necessary dialogue concerning the contemporary body with all its
political, emotional and social messages. A body drained of meaning,
looking for a new, upgraded content in a consumerist era. A body without
any reference points other than its own brain.
A special, unique and non-conventional program is dedicated
to children, youth and family, including performances and workshops of
dance, theater, new-media, creative drawings and games. Contemporary
art seeks for a future, open-minded audience. And what better context
for exploring it?

This year eXplore dance festival will present selected works
from the X Platform exhibition, resulting from the newest international art
residency for the research and production of interactive, new and trans
media projects in Bucharest, hosted by WASP – Working Art Space and

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Copyright © eXplorefestival 2005-2020