The ecology of relations or how do we love

We live in dark times. We talk a lot about what we – as society – should do.
What is the role of art in a time of climate change, political non-actions and war conflicts which are
affecting all of us?

How can art contribute to cleaning all this mess, without just repeating the message of acting ecofriendly and by eliminating its entertainment expected role?
The relations we build between us are the ones who will save our world.
The role of performance art should be to create that space of unique live relations that nothing else
can replace. That time we don’t have anymore. That care we lost. To re-connect us with ourselves
in order to be capable to connect again with others.
The representation of art, its conceptualization and force to empower and to influence the society,
have a strong potential to shake our perspective on life and future. It makes us think and

There is something very special about this year edition and the amazing guest artists that you are
invited to discover over 6 weeks. A journey with no clear destination other than being aware of our
power together to change things in good. For the future.

Andreea Căpitănescu
Artistic Director

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