eXplorefestival #14

Download eXplorefestival #14 catalog The ecology of relations or how do we love We live in dark times. We talk a lot about what we – as society – should do.What is the role of art in a time of climate change, political non-actions and war conflicts which areaffecting all of us? How can art contribute to cleaning all this…

eXplorefestival #13

Download eXplore festival #13 catalog We look forward to the 13th edition of eXplore festival and hopefully it will bring us luck. We are happyto present you this year some of the most important international creators of the moment, such as LatifaLaâbissi and Mårten Spångberg, contemporary dance and performance voices, alongside artists whopresents different transdisciplinary formats, like Ivana Müller, Iosif…

eXplorefestival #12

Download eXplorefestival #12 catalog Welcome to eXplore festival #12! This year edition is challenging the audience – and us! By so many reasons! Performance and contemporary dance artists from 8 countries and various nationalities responded YES to our call for action this year. In between art and body presence, live act and imagination, historical references and current practices in contemporary…

eXplorefestival #9

Download eXplorefestival #9 catalog Once more eXplore dance festival brings to its audience a program which is questioning movement and body presence, testing the limits of technology and of conceptual art, and developing contemporary dramaturgies. The opening event also marks the two year anniversary of WASP – Working Art Space and Production, an independent venue with an intensive international activity,…

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Copyright © eXplorefestival 2005-2020